Welcome to the 2018 YouthCon Scholarship

My name is Minh Pham and I am the Director of the 2018 YouthCon Scholarship of AASuccess – a local non-profit designed to help young mostly Asian-American young people become more confident and capable citizens, as they navigate the difficult pathway from adolescence to adulthood. We have operated for 10 years and are based in Falls Church, Virginia.
In many ways, we had experienced the same during our school days. All of our young people aspire to go to college, and as a part of our work readiness training program, AASuccess sponsors a scholarship competition (YouthCon) organized by our own in-house young and old student trainees. Several businesses (and individuals including myself and business colleagues) in the community are supporting this scholarship opportunity, and we would like to ask you to become a YouthCon sponsor as well.
If you choose to do so, your name could be attached to the scholarship, which would go into our program for our YouthCon luncheon event, which is attended by many from the community. We hope that you would consider becoming an Event Sponsor for the Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony, on March 23, 2018, in Fairfax, VA.

About the Scholarship

  • YouthCon is a scholarship competition that offers financial assistance for college-bound high school students who can demonstrate academic achievement, the ability to write coherently and who can defend what they write orally.
  • Initiated by AASuccesss, a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization that focuses on life skills training for students, commended by the Commonwealth of Virginia in theHouse Joint Resolution No. 5172
  • Collaborate with individuals and organizations to empower, inspire, and support young students to make changes in their community
  • Awarded more than $42,000 to high school and college students since 2010

Our Endorsers

  • U.S. Senator Mark Warner
  • U.S. Senator Tim Kaine
  • VA Delegate Kay Kory
  • VA Delegate Mark Keam
  • Fairfax County School Board Member and former Chairman Ilryong Moon