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“I felt empowered after entering the YouthCon Scholarship. Most scholarships just require an essay, but this scholarship let me take ownership of my ideas through writing and also through public speech. The scholarship gave me the opportunity to voice my thoughts about important issues in today’s society, and It actually jumpstarted my growth in confidence and public speaking. I’m really happy I applied for the YouthCon Scholarship, because I became a more professional and well rounded individual through that experience.”
Khanh-Ni Nguyen
2012 Best High School Senior Award;
2014 YouthCon Scholarship Coordinator
“…after reflecting on my time at AASuccess, I have become a completely different person. I realize that without AASuccess, I wouldn’t be as driven or as self-aware as I am today. Today, I am a part of many organizations and on the executive board for two of them. I happily and strongly lead conversations toward bettering both organizations because I found that I was passionate for what I was doing. AASuccess honestly pulled out the leader in me…”
Tristin Tran
2014 First Place Scholarship Recipient
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10th Annual YouthCon Scholarship

The 2018 YouthCon Scholarship is the result of the collaborative effort of many individuals and organizations seeking to empower, inspire, and support the youth to make changes in the community. All award recipients will be recognized and granted scholarship prizes as well as letters of recognition from business leaders and elected officials of the Government of Virginia during the Award Ceremony.
The Award Ceremony gives us an opportunity to bring together over 200 distinguished guests, prominent business, community leaders, and state elected officials. The invited guests will enjoy a lively and meaningful evening of inspiring speakers, traditional culture performances, gourmet food, and fellowship. This is an opportunity for us to celebrate all the good things happening in our community and how we can inspire and enable next generations of leaders.

Scholarship Opportunities


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