Perfecting the Act of Giving Back

This year’s scholarship theme – Perfecting the Act of Giving Back – is AASuccess’ very own mission statement since its establishment in 2006. This motto encourages young students to become knowledgeable of the issues within and beyond their community and take actions to positively influence our society.
Student Benefits:

  • Opportunities to improve writing, public speaking, and leadership skills
  • Chance to network with community leaders, professionals,  and politicians throughout the internship and at the gala
  • Access to internship opportunities with partnered professionals and one on one mentorship with working professionals

Empower with YouthCon

This year’s annual YouthCon Scholarship is planned and coordinated by our own students to demonstrate and further advance their self-growth and leadership qualities.
They have organized the YouthCon Scholarship to focus on the importance of the process over the destination.
We would like to say that participating alone is the grand prize: a ticket to discovering one’s own self-growth and potential in changing the community around them.
Let your voice be heard by a crowd that will listen.
By awarding deserving high school students in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to facilitate their pursuit of higher education, we hope to empower the youth of today to become leaders of tomorrow.

Phase 1: Essay

The applicants will each submit a 500-1000 word essay based on the following prompt: “Giving back is one major component of what makes AASuccess unique. We believe in not only dreaming of change, but also taking action to create that change. Share with us a local or community issue you are passionate about. How would you start working towards a solution with a starting budget of $200?
The Essay portion will account for 40% of the overall score if the applicant proceeds to the next round.

Phase 2: Oral Presentation

Semi-finalists will present for five to 10 minutes in front of a panel of professional judges, explaining the idea and how they will execute the idea. The judges will have five minutes to ask presenters questions at the end related to their idea. Although PowerPoints are not required, visuals during the presentation are mandatory. Accompaniments to the presentation are also allowed.
The Oral Presentation round will account for 60% of the overall score.

Phase 3: Internship

One first place finalist will be chosen after the presentation round to receive their scholarship prize along with a Leadership Development Summer Internship with AASuccess to implement their project idea. A seed fund of $200 will be provided by AASuccess among other resources such as additional volunteers and mentorship from professionals. Additional details will be discussed later to the first place finalist.
**Please note, if for any reason first place finalist is unable to start the internship, second place finalist will win the Leadership Development Summer Internship and execute his/her idea.
If you have further questions, please feel welcome to contact us at: youthcon@aasuccess.org

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.