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Opportunity today, for the change-makers of tomorrow

“How Far We’ll Go” – this year’s scholarship theme – focuses on encouraging applicants to learn more about themselves and their heritage, improve their technical and soft skills, then use their creativity and passion to improve the communities around them.
The whole experience comprises three parts: an essay contest, orientation, and oral presentation in front of a panel of judges. There will be an award ceremony to recognize the scholarship recipients.
Essay Contest:

  • The applicants will each submit one 500-to-1000-word essay based on the prompt below:
  • “If you could leverage $1,000, what project(s) could or would you undertake to make improvements in your local neighborhood?”
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  • Not only will the applicants be introduced to different career paths, skill sets, and life experiences, but they will also gain valuable insights and resources to get involved in strengthening the local communities in their own ways.
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Oral Presentation

  • 20 finalists will each give a five-minute presentation on their prompt essays, explaining action plans, solutions, and outcomes of chosen projects. Afterward, a panel of judges will ask finalists questions related to their presentation.
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The story of YouthCon

AASuccess has always dedicated its professional coaches and mentors to helping students sharpen their hard and soft skills in order for them to achieve their school, family and any future career goals through our Life Skills Academy. Our students are trained and offered real-world projects to stimulate critical thinking and enhance technical skills. YouthCon Scholarship is one of the projects for our students.

Empowering both external and internal students

With sponsorships from our Business Supporting Community, the annual YouthCon Scholarship is planned and coordinated by our students to promote self-growth and leadership qualities.
At the same time, the scholarship awards deserving high school and college students in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, offering financial help, especially with higher education.